The Relationship Ride Begins…

IMG_3593This crazy idea was born the evening Justin and Juna decided to start their relationship (Sept. 2012). During that evening, Juna said something to the effect of, “Hey love, I just had the most nutty idea… why don’t we document our entire relationship journey?? Lets shoot mini videos candidly sharing all the stuff that comes up and talk about what tools we use to grow our relationship!” Surprisingly, Justin said Yes!


Since then, Justin and Juna have posted almost 70 videos, using Daily Relationship as a platform to share their most intimate issues and profound learnings.

What is Daily Relationship?

It is a project where we are creating conscious relationship through transparency (aka. willing to bare all in our weekly videos). We share the highs, the lows and everything in-between. Yep, we would say that we are intrepid relationship explorers, completely in love with the adventure of day to day learning and growing.

We have trained extensively at the Hendricks Institute, an organization led by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks. The Institute has been teaching people for over 30 years how to create conscious, thriving, and sustainable relationships. We are grateful for their brilliant relationship tools, and use many of them every moment of everyday.

The Project: Once a week we feature a video of us candidly sharing an issue or potential that came up in our relationship, how we may have gotten entangled/expanded, what relationship tool we used, and how we ultimately generated greater connection. Our desire is that these videos support other couples in easily applying relationship tools to their everyday relationship interactions.

Check out our weekly videos and share your questions, thoughts, and ideas with us. Enjoy!

- Juna & Justin

18 responses

  1. Juna and Brendan,
    We were all at the recent Hendricks Essentials together, and now the ongoing 5 day course in Ojai. We love your site! What a great service and role modeling for others.
    Much love!
    Jack and Kristine Salamone

  2. Hi Guys,

    Havn’t seen the videos yet, but it was a heartfelt beginning/introduction. I can feel your intentions, and its wonderful!! You go girl!!!

    Leo and I are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on Feb 23rd (your Dad was an usher, and Mom caught my bouquet) Its gone so fast, its been and still is….so much fun!

    Only this morning we were talking about how blessed we are. Our communication ,honesty , loving with an open hand, respect, and being absolutely hot one another – is as strong today, as it was on our wedding day.

    I love you, and look forward to you coming to visit some time….. you know you almost are within shouting distance of our house when you go to Esalan.


  3. Hi Juna and Brendan,

    Wow, this is brave of you. And cool. How exciting.

    I think you need a TV show. Maybe that’s next?

    Namaste, good friends.

  4. Awesome Juna and Brendan! I felt as though I was sitting, laying, standing within your presence as you shared your authentic selves in your videos. Hmmmm experiencing a smile on my face, tears in my eyes, heart opening wide and deep – chest expanding. Yummmm I appreciate the thread of each of you including your love connection together, and, your juicy, creative space from one another too. That is so fun in my relationship of 30 years with my love Hasan.

    Big joyful hugs, Rabia

  5. Hi ,

    Just saw your video on sexual feelings for others….and wanted to share with you what I always say in jest,and honesty…

    I am married, not dead!!! If course I have seen others I have been attracted to, so I look,I just don’t touch!

  6. Hey you two,

    A friend of mine just forwarded me a link to and I watched a few videos. First of all thank you so much for doing this, for being so transparent and revealed and brave. The work that you’re doing is most definitely a part of the “shift” that is happening on the planet. Bravo! Keep going.

    I’m just plain inspired as it’s been my dream to do something just like this with the right relationship. Thank you both for being role models, mavericks and authentic adventurers.

    Much love,


  7. Aww you guys are beautiful! I’m single but I LOVE watching your videos and reading your blog. I’m using it as inspiration and upliftment for the process of manifesting my own gorgeous relationship. Thank you!

  8. You two are awesome, and this project is a real gift. I’m appreciating your extreme transparency as you explore uncharted levels of personal responsibility through your relationship. Thanks for giving some great press to this uncommon path of relating (hopefully becoming more prevalent…)

    • Yes, I too hope that conscious relationship is becoming more and more prevalent. Thank you for sharing this Eleanor. I am so touched by your words. Huge love and appreciation,

  9. My dream to have such supporting, loving and authentic relationship too. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. Your videos are absolutely beautiful and touching.
    Love from Vietnam

  10. Dear Juna & Justin,
    Thank you for your courage, inspiration, wisdom and most of all showing me the light in the tunnel…
    I had been hurt in the past and I hide my emotions with men deeply inside, I have been scared to be open and to communicate my desires – I NOW feel inspired to open myself for the best relationship in my life, which I kept looking for 10 years, since the very bad experience..

    I admire you guys, love the way you both are to each other and love you both ! Thanks for having such an inspirational relationship blog.

    Grazyna from Poland

    • Hello Grazyna,
      Thank you so much for sharing this. It takes a lot of courage to keep our hearts open, especially when we having been deeply hurt. We are both celebrating you… and cheering you on. Sending our love,
      Juna & Justin

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